President: Kim Price - 863-412-9156 
email: kprice1105 at 
1st Vice Pres.: Cindy Reed
2nd Vice Pres.: Vacant
Secretary: Kay McQuown 
Treasurer: Debbie Rydberg 
Board Members:
Past President: Wayne Bryan 
1 Year: Ellen Walworth
2 Year: Jim Reed
3 Year: Bruce Downie
Program Chairman: Ellen Walworth
Annual Show: Kim Price
Education: Jim & Cindy Reed 
Field Trips: Kim Price
Historian: Vacant
Shop Manager: Jim Reed 
email: rocks57 at
Parliament: Amy Bland
Stones and Bones Editor: Cindy Reed  
email: cdreed57 at 
Webmasters: Cindy Reed

The Imperial Bone Valley Gem, Mineral & Fossil Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest in various earth sciences such as Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology, as well as related fields such as lapidary arts.  
Through classes offered at the “rock shop,” field trips to collect mineral and fossil specimens, and educational presentations during our monthly meetings, IBVGMFS encourages its members to increase their knowledge and understanding in these areas.


The IBVGMFS is a member of

The Southeast Federation of Mineral Societies (SFMS) 

and is affiliated with The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS).

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